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Virtual Machine Archives

This page is where you'll find required disc images (ISO's) or virtual machine archives (.zip, .tar.gz, etc). Any virtual machines are for VMWare (.vmx + .vmdk), unless specified otherwise, and are only tested to work with Workstation 8, although they may work just fine in other software.

An unpatched Windows XP Pro SP3 installation is also recommended/required for Projects One and Three - We can't distribute that. However, any old XP SP3 disc should install and work just fine, and won't need to be activated for several weeks, plenty of time to do these projects. Should doesn't mean that it necessarily will, though, and these labs are only tested with XP Pro.

SEEDUbuntu_de_ccf with metasploit pre-installed

This distribution is based on Prof. Wenliang Du's SEEDUbuntu.


This is just a local mirror of Metasploitable2 project.

Project List

Project 1 - Metasploit
Project 2 - Snort + BASE
Project 3 - Pivoting + Tor
Project 4 - Wired Sniffing by tcpdump

For each, the instructions are in PDF form, and there are also LaTeX source files available upon request. Each builds upon the previous projects, so expect to at least read and follow the setup instructions from all previous labs if you choose to do them out of order.