Case Studies

We will start a series of discussion about FBI cases at

The first issue is how to analyze a case. As cyber forensics, what do we want to know. There are two opposite parties, criminal and law enforcement.

1. Criminal - what they did (stolen, damaged, blackmail, i.e. result), how they did (i.e. approach)
2. Law enforcement - how to preserve the scene and data, how to capture the criminal (computer technique, policing technique)

Let's give a try and see what we miss

07.18.03 The Case of the Hacked South Pole

12.02.03 Cracking Down on Sexual Predators on the Internet

12.17.03 Green Eggs and Spam? E-Mailed Scam Gets Into the Wrong Hands

02.10.04 FBI Joins Internet Education Briefing, not a case

02.19.04 New Anti-Piracy Seal, not a case

02.25.04 Cyberterrorism, not a case

04.01.04 Pulling the Plug on Child Pornography E-Groups

05.17.04 International LEOs Target Criminal Warez Groups

05.28.04 Historic Medals of Honor Recovered

06.30.04 Cyber Crime Busters: Connecticut Law Enforcement Goes Virtual

09.01.04 Internet Safety for the Wired Generation, not a case

10.18.04 Largest Case-to-Date of ID Theft

10.20.04 How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft, not a case

11.10.04 First "War Spammer" Convicted Under Fed Laws

12.14.04 InfraGard: FBI and Private Sector Join to Safeguard Critical Infrastructures

01.05.05 Tsunami Disaster Relief Fraud Alert

01.07.05 Up Close with Cyber Agent Brian T. Herrick, not a case, but tells a lot of things about what FBI agents are doing...

01.19.05 Catching Fugitives Cyber-Style

01.21.05 Up Close with Cyber Specialist Kevin Gutfleish, not a case, does not tells a lot

01.24.05 Unprecedented Cyber Partnership "Digital PhishNet"

02.09.05 Has Your Business Been Hacked?

02.11.05 Up Close and Personal with an FBI Cyber Agent

03.23.05 Shampoo, Cut, Blow Dry...And a Fake ID

04.04.05 To Catch a Cyber Thief

04.18.05 The Case of the Hired Hacker

04.25.05 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About FBI ID Theft Cases

06.13.05 Sharing Information Real-Time Stops Cyber Attacks, not a case

07.20.05 Pirates of Hollywood

07.25.05 The Current State of Computer Network Security - 2005 FBI/CSI Survey

08.05.05 Up Close and Personal with Cyber Agent Colleen Moss

08.12.05 Director Mueller Encourages Cyber Professionals to Report Issues

09.14.05 FBI Cyber Executive Warns of Hurricane Katrina Scams

09.19.05 Catching a Cyber Saboteur

10.31.05 New Website Aims to Prevent Cyber Crime, not a case,

11.22.05 Don't Be Fooled By FBI E-mails/?q=node/88, just a warning

11.28.05 Online Shopping: Avoid Getting Grinched, not a case, tips for not being cheated

12.07.05 FBI Executive Talks About Fighting Cyber Crime

12.12.05 Beware of Traveling Online Child Predators

01.25.06 Inside the Connecticut Computer Crimes Task Force

02.03.06 Hurricane Katrina Fraud

02.24.06 Innocent Images International Task Force

03.06.06 FBI Cyber Action Teams, nice case about a worm

03.10.06 Virginia Man Sentenced in Landmark Obscenity Case

03.13.06 AD Reigel Looks Back at Busy Year, talks about a bogus jean in China and trade secret, not sure if the bogus jean is kind of trade secret.

04.03.06 Online Friendships Can Mean Offline Peril

04.07.06 IC3 2005 Internet Crime Report

05.08.06 The Case of the "Zombie King", nice case about a botnet

05.15.06 Personal Data is Cyber Treasure

06.28.06 Center for Identity Management and Information Protection (CIMIP)

06.30.06 N.Y. Rolls Up Movie Piracy Rings

07.05.06 A Cautionary Tale - Online Job Scams

07.10.06 Protect Your Workplace

08.21.06 Advice from FBI Agent Jeff Lanza, A good summary about identity theft

10.04.06 10th Annual InfraGard Summit

10.25.06 Get Protected from Cyber Threats