Research Fields

We list the research fields iSAFER members focus on below. The areas are adopted from the core area list compiled by National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance /Cyber Defense (IA/CD).

1. Security Mechanisms / Functionality

Cryptography, Identification and Authentication, Authorization and Access Controls
--- Jie Wang, Xinwen Fu

Wireless, link, and signal security, Virtualization, Audit, monitoring, anomaly detection, DLP (Data Loss Prevention)
--- Xinwen Fu, Benyuan Liu, Guanling Chen, Tricia Chigan

2. Architectures

Network models, Cloud, Grid, distributed computing, Custom/specialized architectures (e.g. Ad-Hoc Networks), Interconnectivity and routing
--- Jie Wang, Yan Luo, Benyuan Liu, Xinwen Fu, Guanling Chen

OS/DBMS/Network subjects and objects (active entities and data containers)
--- Cindy Chen, Tingjian Ge

Critical infrastructure security
--- Xinwen Fu, Tricia Chigan, Ioannis Raptis

3. Assurance

Testing (functional, penetration, black box, white box, measurement, etc.)
--- Xinwen Fu, Yan Luo, Jie Wang

4. Operations

Configuration, Security automation, Intrusion detection/analysis/remediation
--- Xinwen Fu, Jie Wang

5. Analysis

Data mining
--- Cindy Chen, Tingjian Ge, Benyuan Liu, Yu Cao

Malware analysis, Forensics
--- Xinwen Fu, Jie Wang

6. Non - technical IA Issues

Legal issues, Policy issues, Privacy, Awareness
--- Xinwen Fu