Prof. Xinwen Fu gave a talk at China Internet Security Conference 2014

Prof. Xinwen Fu was invited to give a talk, titled "All Mobile Devices are Watching Your Password!" at China Internet Security Conference (ISC) 2014 on Sep. 24, 2014. After the talk, Prof. Fu was interviewed by two channels from China Central Television (CCTV): CCTV-1 (General) and CCTV-10 (Science and Education).

ISC 2014 is the largest industry security conference around the Asia-Pacific region. The only problem is that most speakers speak Chinese! I guess that there is a reason for this. Say, ISC 2014 is much larger than Black Hat Asia. I guess the problem is that speakers need to speak in English at Black Hat Asia 2014 while Asian people love their languages :)

Fu talks at ISC 2014 Attendants

Left photo: Prof. Xinwen Fu talks at ISC 2014. Right photo: The attendants. I guess it is 1000+ strong. Nice to see most people are awake :)

Selected news report at ISC 2014

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  2. 新浪, ISC 2014现场直击:美教授称人长的黑比较安全, by 山西新闻网, 2014年09月25日09:46
  3. CCTV 粤语台, 聚焦ISC2014:新技术让10万神秘不法分子大曝光, by 中国日报网站, 2014年09月24日 16:48
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  5. IT时代周刊, 其实全世界都看到你的密码啦!, by 小编也疯狂, 2014-09-26 15:48:06
  6. 飞象网, ISC2014重磅:手指敲密码动作可被视觉新技术破译, 2014-09-24 17:23:00