We were live on CNN Domestic and International 6 times in July 2014!

The trip to New York on June 30 was a great experience! We were live on CNN Domestic and International 6 times in July 2014! The only pity is that I forgot to take a photo of ourselves in the CNN building. Anyway, below is a photo of New York Central Park from the CNN building on the left and a photo of the team to CNN in front of the CNN broadcast taken back in school on the right.

Central Parking from CNN CNN Team

Left picture - New York Central Park from the CNN building
Right picture - from right to left: Dr. Xinwen Fu, Qinggang Yue, Zupei Li

Trip to CNN

Demo of using Google Glass to spy on iPad and steal passcodes

June 30 Monday morning came. We did one more test using Google Glass recovering passcodes entered on an iPad at the distance of 2.6 meters. It was good. At 1:00PM, we carried all our equipment to the CNN building in the Time Warner Center. We passed the security gate and waited for Eri (all real names anonymized). She led us to their cafeteria. They want a realistic environment for the demo. The place is perfect. You can see the central park from their building. Anchor Lau who would interview us was busy. She went on and off the interview site: some cameras with big lens, lighting and long speaker with bushy head.

Now the real testing came. Eri insisted the demo must use their iPad. The anchor input a passcode a few times and we need to figure it out. Eri asked us: “Can you analyze here or go home to figure the passcode out?” “Here!” After 10 minutes, the result was out. I was happy “The answer is” “Do not say it yet!” Eri shouted. She had me sit beside the anchor again. Ah. The anchor was waiting! I told them the answer, the student told me the anchor smiled, although I did not see it. “You are right” she said. The student roared in the background. He had been nervous all the time. Poor guys! Another few tough questions from the anchor!

After the shooting, we began to collect all equipment and put the desks back. It was already 4:00PM. Rush hours! We did not want to go into traffic. We went to Starbucks and I ordered drinks for all of us. I had my favorite Grande Mocha. Still early. We went back to the hotel lobby, watching FIFA World Cup, Argentina vs. Switherland. In the over time, Messi passed the ball to Angel Di Maria, who goaled at 118'. I guess you can never give up when you do something! Switherland fought back hard and one shot hit the frame, bounced back, hit the shooter’s leg and went out! What an unlucky guy although we were lucky!

6:30PM! Drive home and sleep!