Application is closed for 2017.

To apply for HCISec, click here. Deadline: 3/15/2017. Cohort duration June 5 – July 30, 2017

1. Duration of Cohort

This is an 8-week program. In 2017, the cohort lasts from June 5 – July 30, 2016. Students should arrive on June 5 and leave on July 30.

2. Eligibility Criteria

The program is open to US citizens and permanent residents who are enrolled in undergraduate degree programs. Women and members of traditionally underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

Please refer to each project for required skills. Students with required skills will be considered first although admitted students may learn those skills during the program.

We will mainly consider rising juniors or seniors (but will also consider outstanding sophomores) with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in one of the following programs:

  • Computer Science (CS)
  • Computer Engineering (CE)
  • Information System (IS)

Students must be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. or its possessions. Students must commit at least 40 hours per week to research activities, during the 8-week program.

3. Financial Support

Students will receive a summer stipend ($4,000), travel allowance (up to $600), full housing and meal allowance, social activities and field trips, career mentoring on resume, interview skills, industry/academic career, graduate school application, and optional research/financial support during the subsequent Fall and Spring semesters. Professional conference travel may be supported if the fund is available. This year, we have adjusted our payment system for the benefit of the participating students.

Please refer to NSF REU site page for more regulations about financial support.

"The stipend that is paid to REU student participants is not a salary or wage for work performed. It is a traineeship, a form of student aid (like a scholarship or fellowship) provided to support a student's education/training in a STEM field. In this case, the student's training consists of closely mentored independent research. For administrative convenience, organizations may choose to issue payments to REU students using their normal payroll system. The funds received by students may be taxable income under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and may also be subject to state or local taxes. Please consult the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for additional information. Students might find the IRS's "Tax Information for Students" Website ('s-Page---Higher-Education) to be particularly helpful."

4. Requirements

Students must commit at least 40 hours per week to research activities. They will attend regular research meetings, professional development workshops, research seminars, field trips, and social events. In addition, they will regularly report project progress, prepare and deliver oral presentations, prepare and submit a research poster or paper, and complete surveys regarding personal experiences and perceptions of the program. Students should be aware that they will be required to complete several anonymous surveys throughout the course of the program and de-identified (anonymous) aggregated results may be used for research purposes. No personally identifying information will be reported and your privacy and confidentially will be strictly preserved.

Note: the investigators of this project reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time under the guideline of NSF although we do not expect there will be a dramatic change.