We were live on CNN Domestic and International 6 times in July 2014!

The trip to New York on June 30 was a great experience! We were live on CNN Domestic and International 6 times in July 2014! The only pity is that I forgot to take a photo of ourselves in the CNN building. Anyway, below is a photo of New York Central Park from the CNN building on the left and a photo of the team to CNN in front of the CNN broadcast taken back in school on the right.

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Hot Vegas

Ph.D student Qinggang Yue gave a talk, "My Google Glass Sees Your Passwords!", at Black Hat USA 2014, Aug. 6, 2014. Around 700 attendees at our session. 9,000+ people at Black Hat USA 2014.

Qingang Talking 1

Ph.D student Qinggang Yue and Zupei Li heading to Black Hat USA 2014

Let the show start in Las Vegas on Aug. 6, 2014! Qingagng will give the talk.

The lab of WiFi sniffing by tcpdump is released

This lab will give a brief introduction of the basic principles and protocols of 802.11 Wifi network as well as three major 802.11 frame types. Based on the usage of tcpdump from previous labs, students will be asked to use tcpdump in monitor mode to capture packets with radiotap header information, analyze signal strength and figure out which wireless frame contains radiotap header and how different distances effect received signal strength. Students are assumed to be comfortable using a command line interface.

Wired sniffing by tcpdump lab released

This lab provides students an introduction to a powerful network packet TCP/IP sniffer, tcpdump, and its basic usage within a virtualized environment. Students are assumed to be comfortable using a command line interface.

VM lab setup is updated

We have a new VM Lab Setup page. The page introduces computer forensics lab setup and network forensics lap setup. Notes are given for students interested in setting up their own lab environment at home.

Project 3 posted

Project 3 has been posted, please take a look and submit criticisms and commentary (especially any bugs or typos) to

Also, for your daily dose of humor, try the following:

CCF Gets New Look

After going without updates for several years, the CCF website (Previously the CFL: Cyber Forensics Lab) has been upgraded, and has some new content.

Please check out the security projects, even if you don't attend UMass.

Any feedback is welcome at mmcginty[at]cs.uml.edu

All old content will be ported over from the previous site to this one as well, but the old site is no longer publicly available because of the risk of running a vulnerable version of PmWiki. Any requests for older content can be directed to the same email as above for the time being.

Front Page

This is the new home of the Center for Cyber Forensics, out of UMass Lowell.
The old site's data will be slowly migrating its way over to this new version, and will meantime be unavailable, as the previous content management system was vulnerable to code injection. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Queries can be directed to
xinwenfu [at] cs.uml.edu for all CCF affairs,
mmcginty [at] cs.uml.edu for webmastery issues, criticisms, comments, etc.